Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Poster Designs

These poster designs are suggestions for printing large to display at the Symposium. They would be about 800mm tall by 600mm wide, assuming we can get them printed on Mike's borrowed machine. This may still be a bit small, but the pix probably can't be blown up much more. We could always test that thesis.

More to follow, hopefully. Please email comments. These are quick drafts, and the language could well be improved.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Design for Cyclist Priority

These clips were shot on Wachmannstrasse in Bremen, and show some of the details that go to make up the cycle ride shot from the bike later.

The route has reduced car use on the road to the extent that much of the cycle path is onroad, but safe even for families.

Motorist behaviour is crucial in enabling cyclist priority where the two cross. Note the car allowing the cyclist to go first in the second clip, and compare this behaviour with cars at pinching points in Darlington.

At complex crossings, cyclist priority is considered to the extent that even fast cyclists can keep up speed.

Cars are encouraged to jump ahead of cyclists in our culture. It's time for change!

Junction Priority

These clips were taken on the West Auckland Road cycle path, heading into town. They show 4 junctions:

  1. West Park Drive - A car is already waiting in the space available for car turns
  2. Faverdale - loads of space for a waiting lorry, as the cycle path is already diverted away from the road
  3. Auckland Oval - cycle path should join road just before to give cyclists clear priority at junction. Left and right turning vehicles need to learn to look out for cyclists (Highway Code rule 335)
  4. Laing Street - the cycle path is virtually on the main road already.

All these examples would be very simple if Highway Code rule 335 was strengthened in favour of sustainable forms of transport. No new legislation is neccesary, just a more modern interpretation.

Pinch Points

Three examples of islands in the middle of the road, where car drivers want to get past the cyclist asap. The third example shows a learner driver being told by an instructor to slow down, but still not slow enough to stay behind cyclists, so overtakes at pinch point anyway.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sharing with Wheelchairs

A brief example of sharing space. Is it really such a sin?